Deep Conditioning Treatment | Avalanche Salon

How many times have you thought about deep conditioning your hair? Chances are you’ve been offered the chance to undergo a deep conditioning treatment on multiple occasions and passed it up, until now. There are many benefits of deep conditioning treatments, all of which may cause you to call up your salon (ahem, Avalanche) and make an appointment to discuss deep conditioning.

Benefit number one: deep conditioning penetrates the hair shaft which restores the natural shine of your hair. Over time your hair gets build up from the weather, products you use, etc. Using a deep conditioner smoothes the shaft of your hair and allows you to gain back your natural shine!

Benefit number two: deep conditioning moisturizes the scalp. A dry scalp, itching, scratching, and flakes…all things you don’t want! Using a deep conditioner keeps you from having to deal with all of those things.

Benefit number three: a deep conditioning treatment can restore weakened and damaged hair and give it back strength, which can prevent breakage and split ends. Who wants split ends? No one!

Benefit number four: a deep conditioning treatment may be a major benefit to colored and chemically treated hair. If you often color your hair, or chemically treat it, it can become dull and lifeless. The treatment gives the color in your hair new life and can make it last longer. It can repair damage and leave your hair looking better than ever!

Doing a deep conditioning treatment once a month will keep your hair healthy and looking beautiful. If you have any questions regarding the treatment, give us a call at 610-489-2049. We would be happy to discuss your deep conditioning options with you!