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Straightening vs. Smoothing

Our Keratin treatment is vastly different from conventional straighteners or relaxers which typically break the bonds within your hair’s structure, causing each strand of hair to alter and remain permanently straight. Keratin does not break the bonds, but rather allows for smoother, healthier looking hair that can be styled both wavy or straight. Keratin treatment…

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Your Healthiest Hair

Haircuts and styles are always changing in the beauty industry. What may be the look of the season one day is suddenly outdated the next. However, the easiest way to always have the “in” look is by keeping your hair healthy! It looks great in any color and style. Products like blow-dryers, curling irons, flat…

Deep Conditioning Treatment | Avalanche Salon

Benefits to Deep Conditioning Treatments

How many times have you thought about deep conditioning your hair? Chances are you’ve been offered the chance to undergo a deep conditioning treatment on multiple occasions and passed it up, until now. There are many benefits of deep conditioning treatments, all of which may cause you to call up your salon (ahem, Avalanche) and…