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In the midst of a dry and cold winter season, having a lack of moisture in your hair is essentially inevitable.

Brushing Your Hair

The way you brush you hair, and what you choose to brush it with, is one of the most common ways to cause stress and breakage to your hair. Don’t forget to be gentle with your hair and not rip through it – this will take your hair a long way! Choose a wide-toothed comb, start from the ends, and move up as your hair detangles. Using a reconstructive spray or oil in your hair during the winter months while it’s damp can help with combing and prevent further breakage.


Throwing your hair in a ponytail or a top bun is a cute and simple solution in the winter with scarves, hoods, and coats! But it’s also notorious for causing damage to your locks. The repeated pressure on the area where your top bun sits can wear down the strength of your hair.


Putting headbands on can cause stress to your hairline – the hair around the perimeter is much more fragile than other areas where your hair grows, meaning it doesn’t take as much to break those hairs. Be gentle when pushing on a headband.

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