Planning on cutting your hair short for the summer? While a cute bob or pixie cut doesn’t seem like a big deal, some big changes may result in your morning hair routine. Before you run out to the salon for that new style you’ve been waiting to try, consider the changes short hair will bring to your routine.

Short hair means less weight and products like shampoo and conditioner. Since your hair will be lighter, there will be less weight pulling it down. This means that your curls will become loose and your texture will become tighter. However, less shampoo and conditioner means you have to spend less money on product.

However, short hair also means more time to style and more frequent trips to the salon. Since you have less hair, there is more focus on its look, and simple solutions like a ponytail are no longer possible due to the length. The closest cover-up is a cute hat, but this will leave you with hat hair if you take it off. If you want to maintain the short style, you’ll also have to go to the salon more often to keep it short.

Remember that, once you cut your hair short, it will take time to get used to it, and that it will take a long time to get your hair to be long again. Being nervous at first is normal, as it will take time to adjust to your new self-image and new methods of styling. However, make sure that cutting your hair short is something you really want, not something you’re being talked into. Once your hair is cut, it could take over a year for it to grow back. If you want to cut your hair shorter but aren’t sure about the drastic difference, try cutting your hair to a medium length first, then assess your own self-image.

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