woman with short red hairDo you struggle to keep your hair looking as vibrant as it did when you left the salon? Or maybe you just need to touch up the bit of gray that has grown in! We completely understand and can advise how to maintain your color from appointment to appointment!

The first key tip is to use color-safe shampoo and conditioner. It helps fight against fade and encourages color and shine to break though!

Keeping your hair healthy is also incredibly important in maintaining your color. Healthy hair will hold onto color longer than damaged. A good way to help with this is to use an at-home treatment which seals the cuticle, thus preventing your color from fading. This type of treatment is typically used once a week.

Hard water, such as well water, sun, chlorine; all of these things can do extensive damage to your beautiful color, effectively stripping it away. If you’re a swimmer or you spend a lot of time outside, especially in the summer, we recommend using a leave in conditioner before your exposure to the chlorine or sun. This can help protect your hair!

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