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Everyone has habit that they get into, but did you know that certain habits can have a pretty negative effect on your hair over time. Take a look at these five common habits and see if you may be hurting your hair.

  1. Over Washing
    • Clean hair always gives you a nice, rejuvenated feeling. But did you know that washing your hair daily can actually dry it out and deprive your hair of its natural oils. Even if your shampoo and/or conditioner claims to be moisturizing, you can still be drying out your scalp if you use it every day. Try getting into a routine in which you don’t wash your hair every single day and you will see the benefits before you know it!
  2. Over Brushing
    • Nice, brushed hair gives a feeling of volume and knot-free smoothness. However, if you brush your hair too much you may be breaking the ends of your hair, causing them to split. Constant brushing causes extra friction for your hair, if over-exposed for a prolonged time your hair my become weaker and more fragile.
  3. Brushing/Straightening When Wet
    • Everyone finds themselves running late from time to time, and it is easy to skip drying your hair if you are really in a rush. Drying seems super tedious when time is not on your side, so what’s the harm in quickly brushing or straightening your hair if it’s still a little wet. If done a few times sparingly, you’re in good shape. But if this is a habit of yours, you may want to stop soon. Wet hair is more easily damaged than dry hair. The heat and friction of a straightener or brush can cause the hair to break when wet, resulting in split ends and long lasting damage.
  4. Using too Much Heat
    • It may seem natural to assume that the hotter your straightener or curler is, the longer their effects will last. Well, this isn’t necessarily the case. No matter the strength or texture of your hair, never turn those irons all the way up. The extreme heat can alter the hydrogen bonds that hold your hair together. This can lead to permanent damage if done too long over time.
  5. Tight Hairstyles
    • While tight hairstyles such as buns, ponytails, and braids are fun and quick was of changing up your look they can damage your hair and scalp if done too often. A tight hairstyle causes a constant tug and pull that causes stress on the scalp. We recommend embracing your natural hair, and letting it down from time to time.

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