Beauty trends will come and go. Whether it be large hair filled with hairspray or ombre, tan skin or the beauty of pasty white. These fads all have their time in the spotlight before fading, but there is beauty advice that stands the test of time! Take a look at the following 7 tips that will stay with you forever!

1) Cold Water – Rinsing out your conditioner seals the hair cuticle and promotes shinier hair.

2) Never Change your Brow Peak – The last few decades have seen several trends in regards to eyebrows. Whether it be thin, thick, long, dark, light, etc, you should leave the natural peak of your brow alone!

3) Avoid Lower Lash Mascara – As a rule of thumb, many beauty experts say not to apply mascara on your lower lashes as it can cast an unsightly shadow under your eyes.

4)  Make Your Perfume Last Longer – Take a cotton ball and dab on a little petroleum jelly onto spots you would normally apply your perfume. Spray on your fragrance and the scent will last all day!

5) Maintain Sexy Legs – Elevate your feet while resting! This old trick is said to improve circulation in your legs and prevent spider veins.

6) Cure Swollen Feet – Fill two bowls or containers large enough for your feet with water, one hot and one cold. Soak your feet in hot water for 3 minutes, then dip them into the cold water for one. Continue alternating for 15 minutes. The swelling and any aching should subside.

And, finally.

7) The Pore Opener – There are so many products on the market, how do you choose the one that actually works for you?! Try this instead – once a week, pour boiling water into a bowl, put a towel around your head and place your face over the bowl (don’t get too close!). The steam will open your pores and allow you to clear out the excess oil when you’re done.