Best Makeup Techniques for Each Face Shape

Makeup application is not the same for everyone, as some products and techniques look different on different people. While certain contouring techniques might flatter one face shape, they do not look identical on another. The six most common face shapes, which include round, oval, square, rectangle, heart, and diamond, have different makeup looks that are flattering. Below is a description of each face shape, which should help you to identify your own, as well as some methods to use when doing your makeup that will help to compliment your face shape.


Those with round faces tend to have wide hairlines, as well as a jawline that is noticeably rounder, as opposed to cut and defined. To flatter this face shape, try contouring their cheekbones and sides of their foreheads, however, avoid contouring the top of their forehead, as this will make it appear smaller. When filling in the eyebrows, focus on making the arch appear higher and highlighting below it, as this will add some length to the face.


An oval face shape is typically long, with a narrower jaw. Contouring is usually not needed for oval faces, however, if you want to make your face shape look slender, try contouring just below the cheekbones.


Square face shapes are those with both wide hairlines and jawlines. The best contouring technique would be to add some product on the edges of the face and avoid the forehead and chin areas. Try blending the eyeshadow in circular motions and avoid making define lines.


Rectangle, or oblong, face shapes are very narrow and long. This face shape is similar to the oval face shape in the sense that not much contouring has to be done. If desired, you can contour the chin area to make the face appear shorter. When applying blush or highlighter, try not to brush it upward, as this will make the face appear even longer.


The heart face shape consists of a narrow chin and a wide hairline. For contouring, stick to shaping the cheekbones and sides of the forehead, as the chin is already slender enough. Because the jawline is already very sharp, try to blend out any harsh lines as much as possible.


Those with diamond face shapes typically have both a narrow forehead and chin, with wider cheekbones. Because the forehead and chin are defined, the only necessary place to contour is the cheekbones. To make the forehead appear slightly wider, try to set your eyebrows apart more when filling them in.

Although these tips are helpful when applying makeup to each unique face shape, it is also important to remember that the best way to find a technique you like is to experiment with different products and methods. Avalanche Salon and Spa offer makeup services for weddings and special events. Give us a call today at 610-489-2049.