Tips on How to Grow Out Your Hair | Avalanche Salon and Spa

Tips on How to Grow Out Your Hair

Tips on How to Grow Out Your Hair Who hasn’t had the urge to chop off their long locks for a stylish short cut? However, it seems like we always instantly regret it. Or maybe during quarantine you decided you should give yourself bangs, but you didn’t end up with the look you were imagining.…

Tips for Dry Winter Skin | Avalanche Salon & Spa

4 Tips to Improve Winter Skin-Dryness

Cold weather can be very tough on your skin, but luckily most skin issues are controllable. Here are some tips to help keep your skin feeling hydrated and healthy all winter long! Keep your skin moisturized: Winter can wreak havoc on the moisture levels in your skin. The cold weather outside pulls moisture out of…

Tips for Healthy Winter Hair | Avalanche Salon & Spa

Tips for Healthy Winter Hair

Winter is a time for dry, static, and damaged hair, but there are several ways to keep your hair healthy this winter. Help prevent winter damage and keep your healthy all winter long with these tips. Shampoo Less – it’s no secret that you shouldn’t be shampooing your hair every day as shampoo strips your…

Add Volume to Your Hair the Easy Way! | Avalanche Salon & Spa

Add Volume to Your Hair the Easy Way!

Unless you’re born with naturally thick hair, you may struggle to give your hair the volume you see models and actresses with. Fortunately there are simple steps you can take to add a bit of volume to your everyday do that won’t break your bank. Remove Excess Build-up. Build-up weighs your hair down over time…