Back to School Hair Care | Avalanche Salon and Spa

Back to School

That time of year is upon us: back to school season.  It’s a fresh start to the school year, so why not give your hair a fresh start as well? Call Avalanche Salon and Spa today to book your back to school hair appointment! The options you have are endless, which can be a bit…

Aromatherapy Benefits | Avalanche Salon and Spa

Benefits of Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is a method of extracting essential oils from plants and using them for therapeutic purposes. Therapeutic benefits include reducing anxiety or stress, easing depression, inducing sleep, soothing pain, and more. Using aromatherapy in these cases have been practiced since the 11th century and are still extremely popular in the world today. The essential oils…

Men's Skin Care Tips | Avalanche Salon and Spa

Men’s Summer Skin Care Tips

Whether you work outdoors or like to spend your free time outdoors, the summer heat can take its toll on your skin. Men’s skin has much oilier composition than women’s, which is amplified when you sweat. Men should be using a good daily face wash every day to clean out the clogged pores that become…

Protect Your Hair from Sun | Avalanche Salon & Spa

Protect Your Hair from the Summer Sun

Summer is a time for indulging in outdoor activities and enjoying beautiful weather. Many summer days are accompanied by a brightly shinning sun and you’ll want to make sure that your hair is protected from the sun’s rays. There are multiple things you can do to maintain a healthy head of hair during the warm…

Summer Hair | Avalanche Salon and Spa

Get Ready for Summer!

Looking for a fresh look for this upcoming summer? With perfect outdoor weather right around the corner, it’s time to lose those winter locks and get ready for the bright days that are just ahead. It’s said that having a shorter haircut is easier on your hair if you’re generally someone who enjoys being outside…


Swedish Massage

Whether it’s your first massage or you’re an experienced relaxation vet, a Swedish massage is always a great choice! Come in during the month of May for a 30-minute Swedish massage for only $40 and get a free Foot Scrub! (Gratuity not included) A Swedish massage is the typical massage we think of when we…


Do You Have a Hair Shedding Problem?

Understanding how to stop hair from shedding can be pretty difficult. Our bodies are complex and function only through the synergy of interdependent processes. However, despite this complexity, there are some universal truths that can help stop hair from shedding. If you’re wondering how to stop your hair from shedding – take a look at…