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Wedding Hair Questions

Wedding season is on its way and we want to go over some of the common questions we get about upstyling for your big day! How can I be sure that I’m on the same page as my service provider? Your consultation is a key component to a successful upstyling experience and shouldn’t be taken…

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Cutting Your Curls

Curly hair – some embrace it while others straighten it to tame the frizz. If you don’t have curly hair, you likely envy those that do. If you do have curly hair it’s likely that at some point in your life you didn’t want it! Curly hair can be difficult to manage with the right…

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Don’t Flake

Temperatures have dropped, winter is here. Hopefully any snowflakes you see this winter are outside and not on your shoulders! Dandruff and/or dry scalp are the two primary causes of flakes appearing in your hair. With a dry scalp, your skin is dry and irritated, causing it to flake off. Dandruff is the opposite; the…

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Tips for Healthy Winter Hair

Winter is a time for dry, static, and damaged hair, but there are several ways to keep your hair healthy this winter. Help prevent winter damage and keep your healthy all winter long with these tips. Shampoo Less – it’s no secret that you shouldn’t be shampooing your hair every day as shampoo strips your…

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Home Remedies for Exfoliating

Not only are do-it-yourself exfoliators cheaper than store bought ones, but they are also free of harmful ingredients that are regularly found in exfoliators. Polyethylene, also referred to as PEGS, makes up the small plastic beads that are found in face scrubs and body washes. Polyethylene is contaminated with a chemical that is considered a…