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Home Remedies for Damaged Hair

We all experience damaged hair at one point or another, whether it is seen through forms of breakage, split ends, loss of shine, or an itchy scalp. We see damage to our hair caused by a variety of reasons, from excessively washing with harsh alcohols and soaps, exposure to dry and hot weather, the use…

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Skin Care for Your Skin Type

Makeup is all about achieving a flawless look. The eyeshadow should be blended, the brows precise, the foundation smooth and blemish free— however, what is often swept under the rug is that the key to having that smooth and perfect foundation base may very well be a healthy skin care routine. Not everything can be…

Take Your Makeup Off | Avalanche Salon and Spa

Take Off Your Makeup!

For those that wear makeup, chances are there has been a time in which you slept in your make-up. But it’s important not to make that a habit! Frequently leaving it on overnight can have the opposite effect of what it’s supposed to do. Our skin is covered in pores that allow us to sweat…

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Prom Is Coming!

Attention all high school girls! Spring is here, and you know what that means: Prom! Do you know what you’re doing with your hair yet? Book your appointment with Avalanche Salon and Spa before it’s too late. Our stylists are up to date with the latest trends and styles, so whether your hair is long…


March 2018 Specials

Win a swag bag filled with hair products, styling tools & more! Here’s how: *Pre-book your April and/or May appointment (Earn 1 entry for each booking) *Purchase 2 full size hair products (Earn 1 extra entry) *Purchase 4 full size hair products (Earn 2 extra entries) Drawing will be held at the end of May!…

Frizz Vs. Smooth | Avalanche Salon & Spa

Straightening vs. Smoothing

Our Keratin treatment is vastly different from conventional straighteners or relaxers which typically break the bonds within your hair’s structure, causing each strand of hair to alter and remain permanently straight. Keratin does not break the bonds, but rather allows for smoother, healthier looking hair that can be styled both wavy or straight. Keratin treatment…