curly hair | avalanche salon and spa

Curly hair can be a pain to deal with, especially in the drier, cooler months. Curly hair is usually drier to begin with, so taking extra care in the fall and winter is crucial for maintaining healthy, beautiful hair. Here are some cool weather tips for helping curly hair.

  1. Don’t over wash. Washing your hair too often can deplete it of your natural nutrients and dry it out
  2. Use conditioner. Using a healthy amount of conditioner before and after shampooing, especially on the ends of your hair, which is more prone to dryness.
  3. No bath towels. Using a bath towel can damage hair, especially curly hair which tends to be more fragile. Using two sheets of paper towels to gently squeeze out the water. If you need to use a blow-drier for a quicker dry in the colder months, use a diffuser and start at the roots and work your way toward the tips. This will help provide even curls and mitigate dry broken ends.
  4. Use oils Coat your hair with a light layer of oil to protect it from the cooler weather. Almond or jojoba oils work well, or coconut oil and shea butter work great for coarse hair
  5. Glycerin can be great for de-frizzing in hot and humid weather, however it cool weather it pulls moisture from your hair
  6. Style right out of the shower. Apply whatever product you use while your hair is still damp from the shower, and gently scrunch and squeeze upwards. This will prevent frizzing and stiff hair.
  7. Avoid hairbrushes. Only use your fingers to tousle your curls and gently comb out any knots. Brushes will just fray and frizz your hair.