curly hair | avalanche salon and spa

Curly hair – some embrace it while others straighten it to tame the frizz. If you don’t have curly hair, you likely envy those that do. If you do have curly hair it’s likely that at some point in your life you didn’t want it! Curly hair can be difficult to manage with the right hair cut or styling products.

The Cut

Curly hair is unique and should be treated that way. Let one of our stylists identify your natural curl pattern and customize your cut to the way your hair grows and sits naturally. Talk to one of our experienced stylists today to figure out if they’ll be a good fit for cutting your curls!

Styling Products

Once you’ve achieved the right cut, it’s time to add a little product to keep the frizz at bay. Talk to your stylist about the best product to enhance your curls while being careful not to dry it out!

Leave your hair is the hands of an experienced stylist at Avalanche Salon and Spa! Call us today at 61-489-2049 to schedule your next appointment.