With salons and nail salons closed at the moment, we understand that self care can be hard to maintain during quarantine. Here are some DIY tips to give yourself a little at-home self care day.

Stick On Nails 

Although many nail salons are closed, it doesn’t mean your nails need to suffer. There are tons of my easy to apply and affordable nail options on the market. You can learn how to paint your own nails at home, or choose to let your natural nails thrive. If you’re missing your cat-claws, there are tons of great glue on nails that look and feel like the real deal.


Are you missing the sun or tanning bed? Don’t worry. There are many great alternatives that will give you that sun kissed glow you’re missing. Self tanner provides a base color to the skin that temporarily stains the skin to appear darker and glowier. The color typically fades within a few days depending on your skin type and how often you shower.

Temporary Hair Dye

If you’re getting bored of your hair and can’t wait until salons open up again, considering trying temporary hair dyes. There are many colorful and harmless types to try to give your hair some edge. The best part is the dye will naturally faded out with each wash!

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