Woman at the local marketHave you ever considered getting your hair cut while it’s dry? Cutting your hair BEFORE the shampoo may have some great benefits!

Cutting dry hair lets a stylist see the shape of the hair as it’s being cut, instead of the surprise waiting when they blow dry it. Unfortunately, cutting hair wet doesn’t allow you to see what the cut will look like until you dry it. Dry cutting takes the guess out!

Dry cutting also allows for women with very thick hair to remove some of that bulk. All wet hair is fairly flat, but dry hair shows where extra thick areas are.

Curly haired women benefit from dry cutting because the stylist can see how each unique curl falls, so they know how to cut each one. A stylist is able to see how a curl lays when it is dry versus pulling and stretching the hair all to one length when it is wet.

Cutting hair dry causes less damage which can allow a person to go longer between haircuts.  Hair is elastic, which means cutting it wet can cause the ends to fray a bit more. Using specific dry cutting scissors will get a much cleaner cut so the ends of hair do not split and fray as much. Interestingly enough, getting your hair cut while dry doesn’t mean you have to skip the luxurious salon hair wash.

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