Fotolia_49309836_Subscription_Monthly_M_resizedDo you have a routine with your hair? You probably wash it, dry it, style it, depending on your hair type, you may even brush it. Maybe you like to pull it back into a ponytail or whip up a cute braid. These little habits may be keeping you from having the shiny, healthy, lush hair you so badly crave.

Your hairstylist dislikes those habits too! We’ve got a list of common bad hair habits and great ways to solve them if you want even prettier locks. We’ll be breaking this up into 2 parts, take a look at the first part of the list below.

Pulling on split ends – many women pull at their split ends believing they’re ridding themselves of split ends. In fact, you’re actually shredding your hair and creating an uneven split end that’s harder to fix. If you have split ends that you just CAN’T wait to see your stylist for, snip it off with very sharp scissors.

Styling wet hair with heat – who’s guilty of this? Maybe you’re rushing in the morning and don’t have time to fully dry your hair before styling it with a curling iron or straightener. Using heated styling tools while your hair is still wet literally fries your hair. In order to use heat without damage, your hair must be completely dry. If it’s cold after you finish blow drying, you’re not done so keep going!

Brushing wet hair – if you’re going to brush your wet hair, do yourself a favor and use a wide-tooth comb. It won’t pull at your hair like a typical brush and it can be used with any texture or length!

Sleeping in a ponytail – this bad habit actually causes breakage down to wherever the elastic is placed. If you can’t sleep with hair in your face, loosely braid your hair off to the side. Secure it at the very end, as loose as you can stand it.

Spraying too close to your head – many people use aerosol products, hairspray, dry shampoo, etc., but hold it way too close. This leaves you with a slick spray spot or a big white patch. Instead of holding the can two inches from your head, give it a good shake for better distribution, extend your arm, and spray away. You’ll get a much more even spread of the product.

Stay tuned for part two of our bad hair habits and how to solve them! If you have any questions or are interested in booking your next appointment (to get rid of those pesky split ends!) give us a call at 610-489-2049. We look forward to hearing from you!