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Hair types are nothing new. There’s straight, curly, wavy, natural— all of which have been heard of before. However, hair porosity is another element of hair care to keep in mind, if one aims to establish and build a healthy hair routine.

First of all, what is hair porosity?

Hair porosity is the ability of one’s hair to not only absorb moisture, but retain it. The spectrum ranges from low porosity (doesn’t easily allow moisture in or out) to medium porosity (allows moisture in, retains it well) to high porosity (easily allows moisture in, but also easily lets it go). When you know your porosity, you can start building a hair routine that is best catered towards your own hair.

The first step is testing one’s porosity. Testing is very simple: simply take a single strand, then place it in a glass of water for 2-4 minutes.
If it…

• Sinks quickly/immediately to the bottom: High porosity
• Sinks slowly: Medium porosity
• Remains on top: Low porosity

Now, how does this information apply to your life? Well, it depends on your results!


High porosity may be attributed to a variety of factors. It may come as a result of the environment, continuous damage, or simply just be an innate property of the hair itself. What it means is that because the cuticle has gaps, although moisture easily comes in, moisture easily comes out as well.
In the event of having too much moisture -which may lead to tangling or frizz- opt for anti-humectants, such as coconut oil or raw shea butter. Doing so, especially upon a humid day, will seal one’s cuticles and prevent them from too much moisture absorption.
In the event of having a lack of moisture, opt for leave-in conditioners.


Medium porosity is a porosity of balance. In this case, moisture is not only absorbed well, but it is retained well.
This means that hair can fare well against chemicals, color treatments, and styling. However, that is not to dismiss that one should still be wary against such harsh treatments. Frequent application could result in rapid detriment, if not executed with caution.


With low porosity, there is no moisture at all.

To combat this, one tip is to utilize heat. Using heat can help products better bind and absorb into the hair. Better absorption may also be possible through application of product to damp hair, rather than drenched hair.
Another tip is to make sure product is not only distributed evenly, but also that not too much product is used. It is key to avoid build-up, for build-up is a common problem faced with low porosity hair. Build-up is what leads to the stiff, straw-like feel of the hair. It is best to do what one can to avoid that as much as possible.

Keeping these things in mind is what can push you to have the best hair routine for your personal needs. If you have any questions please call Avalanche Salon and Spa at 610-489-2049!