Are you the type of person that picks up their hair straightener, and turns it on to the highest heat setting? Many people think that the hotter the heat, the straighter your hair will get.  Maybe you don’t see it now, but you are actually frying your hair – literally.  You are causing irreversible damage to your hair, which results in you eventually cutting off the dead edges.

Are you interested in still using heat, but want to learn how to protect it from heat damage.  Below are some healthy tips, to keep your hair away from smelling like something is cooking.

  • Take a day off

Give your hair more than just a day off.  With different looks and styles rising in popular culture, more and more people are rocking the, “wash-n-go.”  This is where you wash your hair, and apply either frizz control or some type of hair gel, and then go about your day.  If the wash-n-go, is not you taste, then it is even better to just rock a messy bun, ponytail, braid, or throw it in a hat.

  • Hydration counts

When you apply heat to hair, you open hair follicles to being dry, dull, and prone to breakage.  Best way to save your hair from heat damage, breakage, and being dry, is applying natural oils.  Naturally our hair produces its own oils, but when we apply heat, we destroy those natural oils. Thus, applying some Coconut Oil, Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil, or Extra Virgin Olive Oil will keep your hair healthy, and stress free from dryness.

  • Protect your hair, like it is your skin

Normally, we know the basic rules to keeping our skin healthy, smooth, and fresh.  The same tactics that we use to protect our skin from the sun, are the same tactics that we use to protect our hair.  For people who enjoy adding heat to their hair, the best type of shampoo to use is, “heat protectant shampoo.”  Usually this type of shampoo, allows for you hair to gain back some of those natural oils, and reviving it back to life.

  • Smoky? Not good

Many hair straighteners heat setting, ranges from 175 to 400.  Before even applying heat to your hair, determine the thickness of your hair, and how much heat your hair actually needs.

If you ever see the straightener smoking, DO NOT put it on your hair. It may look like it is straightening your hair, but really it is burning it, until there is nothing left.

  • Keep… Moving… Forward

The most important trick to using a straightener is to never leave it on one sport for more than 5 seconds.  Always keep your straightener moving through you hair, if you want to make it straight.

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