Katlyn | Avalanche Salon & Spa Collegeville

About Katlyn 

Katlyn was born in Philadelphia and lived in the area until she was two. She has been working as a hairstylist for nearly 8 years. Her specialties include highlights and blow-dries. She started working in the salon when she was 17 years old and feel in love with the atmosphere. She credits Steph and Sal as having a huge hand in her becoming a stylist today. They pushed her to work hard and taught her everything she knows about hair. Her favorite part of her job is being with her Avalanche family, and making people feel good about themselves.

Katlyn | Avalanche Salon & Spa Collegeville

Fun Facts

Specialty: Highlights and blow-dries.

First job: Working at a pizza place.

Dogs or cats? Do you have any pets?: Neither.

What’s something you like to do for fun that others wouldn’t expect?: I love to garden!

Some of Katlyn’s Work

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