Skin Moisturizer Winter Hair and Spa Collegeville PA

With cold weather comes dry, itchy skin. Don’t neglect skin care this winter, especially if you love to be outdoors. Everyday exposure to cold air can take a toll on your skin, but we have a few ideas to keep it moisturized all winter long.

Avoiding specific soaps and scrubs is a good place to start. Many soaps we use take away the top layer of skin which is our natural barrier protecting us from losing water. Instead of a scrub, try using a mild soap or moisturizing bar!

After you bathe, be sure to apply skin moisturizer. It will trap the moisture in and prevent dry skin. Use it throughout the day when you feel it’s needed! Moisturizing your skin will keep you itch-free during the winter because key oils will stay in your body.

Stay warm – it’s a given. But a hot shower can remove natural skin oils fast and worsen dry skin. Instead just keep the water warm to prevent the loss of oils. In addition, stay bundled up and wear a scarf to protect your lips and gloves to protect your hands.

Don’t forget damage can still occur on cold, cloudy days. If you are going to be outside for any length of time, it is ideal to protect yourself and apply sunscreen!

Keep your skin moisturized this winter, you’ll be happy and a lot less itchy!