Fotolia_58226409_Subscription_Monthly_M_resizedDo you have unwanted hair on your body? Shaving causes skin irritation, stubble, and let’s face it, when you shave it always seems as though the hair grows back by the next day.  Waxing removes the hair from its roots which allows for your skin to feel smooth for much longer. There are several benefits to waxing besides how long it lasts, although that in itself is very appealing!

Waxing allows for the area being groomed to be exfoliated as it removes dead skin cells as well as hair. It also reduces skin damage. Shaving can leave a person with cuts, whereas waxing has no negative side effects on their body. It is also more cost effective than any other hair removal alternatives.

Avalanche Salon and Spa offers waxing options for women and men, so if you have unwanted hair call 610-489-2049 and book a waxing appointment today!