massage4Time at the spa is supposed to be relaxing, but for first time clients it can cause some anxiety. Don’t let it ruin your tranquil day! We’ve got some easy tips for you to make your time at the spa much less stressful.

The first tip deals with timing. You should always arrive to your spa appointment on time if not slightly early. Being there early helps you relax and can act as a prelude to your spa activities. Arriving on time also allows you to be calm going in and not in a panic that you’re late!

Our second tip deals with manners. You’re not the only one at the spa, so be courteous to the other guests and make sure your phone is turned off. If you have to cancel an appointment, give the salon enough notice. If you cancel at the last moment you are likely to have to pay a fee.

Tipping is a common question. Tipping at a salon should be no different than tipping at a restaurant. 15 to 20 percent is a customary tip. It should be left at the front desk where they will most likely have gratuity envelopes.

For more information on spa etiquette, follow this link. At Avalanche Salon and Spa we aim to create a warm and inviting environment for every client. We offer spa treatments in addition to our salon appointments. Call us at 610-489-2049 to reserve your next spa appointment!