Things to Consider Before Getting Bangs | Avalanche Salon & Spa

Getting bangs can be a huge transition, before making the cut ask yourself these three questions to decide if you should get bangs, and what style works the best for you!

  • Am I Ready for the upkeep?

Bangs are gorgeous and can automatically make you look trendier, but that is not without regular trips to your hairstylist. To keep bangs from getting too long it’s important that you’re willing and financially able to get them trimmed every few weeks. If you don’t get them trimmed you’ll find your fringe covering your eyes and making it incredibly hard to see after a few weeks.

  • Am I willing to some research?

Bangs are like a science, and because of this, make sure you do your research! Before going to the salon research what kind of bangs would look the best with your face shape. Some examples are, if you have a square face it’s best to get long fringe, People with heart-faced shapes look best with some side swept bangs, if your face is more round consider getting some wispy bangs, and if you an oval shape you’re in luck because most styles of bangs will suit you! Getting the right bangs for your face shape is important because it determines how framed your face appears and can end up being super flattering. If you’re not sure what shape your face is, doing a quick google search can help guide you.

  • Will bangs look good on me?

The biggest question people ask themselves before getting bangs is will I look good with them? Well there’s a simple way to find out. To create faux-bangs and get an idea of how you’d look with some fringe start by smoothing out your hair to create a high pony, then take a small section from the front of the ponytail & bring it forward to create faux bangs, finally bobby pin the bangs to the length you think you want, and you’ll get the full picture of how you would look with bangs!

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