Tips for Healthy Winter Hair | Avalanche Salon & Spa

Winter is a time for dry, static, and damaged hair, but there are several ways to keep your hair healthy this winter. Help prevent winter damage and keep your healthy all winter long with these tips.

Shampoo Less – it’s no secret that you shouldn’t be shampooing your hair every day as shampoo strips your lush locks of its natural oils. Shampooing less will help keep your hair and scalp hydrated, reducing itching and flakes. Natural oils also help reduce static!

Treat it Weekly – regardless of hair type, you should add more hair treatments to your routine during the winter. There is less moisture in the air causing your hair to dry out much faster. It’s important to keep your hair hydrated with hair masks or a good conditioner.

Leave-In Conditioner – speaking of conditioner, use leave-in conditioner to keep your hair well-conditioned and hydrated helping to reduce static in the winter.

Dye it Dark – avoid dying your hair blonde in the winter. Dying your hair a platinum color is damaging enough and only gets worse during the winter.

Go Natural – cutting back on heat-styling tools as much as possible in the winter will help keep your hair healthy. Heat and dry air will create more damage, leaving you with breakage and split ends.

Hydrate at Night – use oils and serums at night to give your hair an extra boost of hydration. It’s advisable to keep the products in your hair overnight and shower in the morning so you don’t have oily looking hair.

These tips will help keep your hair hydrated and healthy all winter long. Schedule an appointment at Avalanche Salon and Spa now for your next haircut by calling (610)-489-2049.