Going gray can be frustrating for men and women alike.  But knowing when to seek out he help of a professional or attempt to do it at home with a DIY set-up can be easy to discern if you know what you’re looking for.  As we age our hair begins to lose its pigment gradually and when there is no more left, our hair turns gray.  Gray hair is upsetting for many people because it can indicate peoples age, and many people don’t like the thought of getting older.  If you are one of those people that hate to see those gray hairs, then paying attention to these tips can help you decide when to see a professional or when you can save yourself some money and dye at home.

Generally, if you are at the beginning of this transformation your hair is “peppered” with gray’s, the boxed dyes that you can purchase at the drug store would be a good fit for you.  It is when your hair starts to develop patches of gray hairs throughout that you should begin to think about seeing a professional.  Professionals are trained in ways to assist you in achieving that natural (or not-so-natural) color that you are looking for.  Lastly, touching up depends on you, if your hair grows faster or you get your hair cut often then you may have to reapply dye more often.  The key thing to consider when you do decide which route you choose is to do what you are comfortable with.  One last thing to think about is your eyebrows.  Consider making the color throughout your eyebrows uniform, as it makes them look more naturally blended look and will not bring unwanted attention.

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