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During the hot summer months, spending time in a chlorine filled pool can take a toll on anyone’s hair, but especially color treated and blonde hair. Try these simple fixes to protect your hair all summer long.

Coconut Oil or Olive Oil

Apply coconut or olive oil to your hair before jumping into the pool. The oils coat each strand of your hair sealing and protecting it from damaging chlorine. Even after hopping in the pool it leaves your hair coated.

Wet your hair with non-chlorinated water first

When you wet your hair with non-chlorinated water first, your hair absorbs that water immediately, and thus your hair absorbs less of the damaging chlorinated water.

Apply leave in conditioner

Apply leave in conditioner to your hair before diving into the pool. It moisturizes your hair and has a similar effect as the olive and coconut oils.

Use chlorine removing products

After getting out of the pool, wash your hair immediately to get the chlorine out quickly. You can purchase chlorine removing shampoos, conditioners, and treatments at your local drugstore. The faster you get the chlorine out the easier it will be to prevent chlorine damage. Chlorine damage can dry your hair out or alter the color of your hair if its been colored or bleach in the past.

Try these tips and swim worry free all summer!

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