Growing out a Pixie Cut | Avalanche Salon and Spa

Changing your hair is so easy – you can cut it off, dye it, curl it, and do so much more. There is, however, one hair style that’s hard to come back from: the pixie cut. The growing out process for a pixie cut is tough, we understand the struggle! Just remember, it will grow back eventually. Until then, here are a few tips to keep in mind when you’re done with your pixie cut and you’re ready to grow it out again.

Know What to Expect
There will be periods of awkward hair length, days it looks like you have a bowl cut, and times you wish you could just stay out of the public eye.

Keep it Short
Sounds counterintuitive, right? Keep the back short while you work on growing out the front and top will help keep your hair look much tamer. Keep the hairline around your neck short and clean until your hair reaches that point, then let it all grow out together. It’ll look like you were going for a cute bob rather than a mullet.

Add Accessories
Jazz up your hair with all kinds of accessories – barrettes, headbands, scarves, bandanas, hats, and anything else you’d like! Embrace the different lengths of your hair as you grow it out

Use Products
You’ll want to use healthy products while your hair is short so that it stays healthy during the growth process. However, styling products can help you create different looks and make your hair look better during some of the more awkward transitions.

Be Patient
This is going to be a long process, especially if your goal is to grow your hair longer than shoulder length. It could take several months, so don’t get discouraged! Have fun playing with and styling your hair at different lengths.

If you have any questions or need to get those neck hairs lined up during the process, call Avalanche Salon and Spa at (610) 489-2049.