waxingUnwanted hair can be an annoyance for both men and women, but shaving can take too much time. Have you considered waxing? At Avalanche Salon and Spa we offer facial and body, with the exception of bikini, to our valued clients. Waxing can remove your unsightly hair with high quality waxes designed to keep irritation to a minimum.

If you’re still unsure about waxing, take a look at these benefits to see why many people have converted to waxing as their main technique of hair removal!

  1. Waxing lasts longer than shaving because it pulls the hair from the roots.
  2. It won’t cause cuts or nicks that can scar your skin.
  3. Waxing won’t cause rashes on sensitive skin like shaving can.
  4. Often times, waxing causes hair to grow slower and finer.
  5. Waxing produces smoother results (because the hair is pulled from the root).
  6. Shaving results in stubble
  7. Because hair growth is slower with waxing, your skin will feel smoother longer and not itchy!
  8. Waxing is fast and convenient!
  9. Waxing is often not painful, contrary to popular belief.
  10. Shaving can cause other irritations besides rashes, where as your skin is much less susceptible to irritations when you wax.

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