Hair Breakage and Split Ends | Avalanche Salon

How can you prevent breakage? Let’s take a look at some of the most common ways hair breakage occurs!


The way you brush your hair and the brush you use is the most common ways to cause stress and breakage to your hair. Choose a wide-toothed comb, start from the ends, moving up as your hair detangles. Using reconstructive spray or oil in your hair when it is damp can help with combing as well as preventing further split ends. Remember, don’t rip through your hair!


These are a favorite, understandably so. Unfortunately, this repetitive habit is infamous for causing damage. Repeated pressure on areas where your top bun sits wears down the strength of your hair, resulting in broken hair and split ends. Yanking and pulling on the hair tie to remove the ponytail also causes a lot of damage.


Pushing headbands on (yes, even the cloth ones) can cause stress to your hairline. The hair around the perimeter is much more fragile than other areas, which means it doesn’t take much stress or strain to break those hairs.

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