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Color correcting is using colored makeup in order to fix blemishes or imperfections on the skin. The makeup comes in a wide range of colors, including green, purple, orange, red, pink, and yellow. The colors are applied beneath your concealer and help to fully eliminate any discolorations. These correctors are sold in the form of liquid concealers, thick concealers, primers, and powders. Below is a list of the colors and their different uses.


Green color correctors are used to combat severe cases redness or irritation. Whether you have red patches on your cheeks or a pesky pimple, green will help to eliminate the imperfection on all skin tones.


Yellow is similar to green in the sense that it helps to cancel out redness, however, it is more useful if the redness is only mild. For example, if your nose got slightly burnt, yellow would help to dilute the color. Yellow can also be used on all skin tones.


Orange colors cancel out dark circles or dark spots on the skin. If you have light to medium skin, a light, peachy orange would work better, and if you have medium to dark skin, try a true orange color.


Similar to orange, red is used for dark spots on the face, however, it should be used for more severe cases and typically on deeper complexions.


Pink correctors can brighten the skin and also eliminate olive tones. Although some like to use this hue under the eyes, use caution when doing so because a mix of bluish, dark eye circles and pink create a purplish tone.


Purple can help to cancel out yellowish tones in the skin, which could be caused by bruising or natural yellow undertones.

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