Why You Should Get Airbrush Makeup | Avalanche Salon and Spa Collegeville

What is airbrush makeup?

Airbrush makeup is applied to the face in the form of a mist using an airbrush stylus and air compressor. The misty application provides a lighter feel and a more natural look.

The Benefits

  1. Natural Look

If you are seeking natural looking makeup, airbrush is the way to go! This process reduces skin imperfections quickly and easily. While applying makeup can minimize skin imperfections as well, it may also leave unwanted brush strokes, undesirable blend marks, and a caked-on look; however, with airbrush makeup your skin will be fully covered and free from any unwanted marks! With a lighter, more evenly coated mist, your skin will be left looking natural as ever.


  1. Breathable

With airbrush makeup, the lightweight mist leaves customers feeling as if they aren’t even wearing any makeup. The greasy feel of regularly applied makeup is non-existent with the airbrush applications! Airbrush makeup allows pores to breath, helping to keep your skin healthy and breathable while still getting the desired full coverage look you were hoping for.


  1. Longer Lasting Formula

Airbrush makeup can withstand much more than regular makeup can. For example, if you experience sweat, tears, rain, etc. your airbrush makeup will last through it all! If you are seeking a look that will last you all day, airbrush makeup is perfect for you. Airbrush makeup gives you much more bank for your buck!


  1. Photographs

Airbrush technology produces a look that will not appear shiny in photographs. Airbrush makeup is perfect for prom, a wedding, a photoshoot, and any other occasion that might involve you standing in front of a camera!

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