Why You Shouldn't Use Box Dyes | Avalanche Salon and Spa

Are you thinking about a quick fix for your current hair color? Are you worried about the costs it would take to get your hair done at a salon? Are you seconds away from driving to your nearest drugstore and purchasing a box-dye? Drop your car keys and continue reading this article. It may save your hairs’ life.

You probably hear hairstylist complain about box-dyes all the time. You probably also assume they’re complaining because they don’t want you to find a cheaper alternative to going to them. It’s important for you to understand that none of that is true! In fact, the reason why they hate box-dyes is because they can seriously damage your hair and end up costing you more to fix it.

The reason why box-dyes are so damaging is because everyone’s hair is different. Different types of hair will need specific measurements and treatments in order to get the desired affect. Box-dyes are too standardized and can’t possibly work on everyone–and surprise, 9/10 times they don’t work on everyone! Most stylist will tell you when they work on color corrections it’s from people who decided to try box-dyes rather than going to a trusted stylist at first.

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