Cold weather can be very tough on your skin, but luckily most skin issues are controllable. Here are some tips to help keep your skin feeling hydrated and healthy all winter long!

  1. Keep your skin moisturized: Winter can wreak havoc on the moisture levels in your skin. The cold weather outside pulls moisture out of your skin, and the heat cranking inside only worsens this. Using a moisturizing lotion that is oil based will create a protective layer on your skin. Hooking up a humidifier will help with the dry indoor air.
  2. Change out of wet gloves and socks as soon as possible: Your hands and feet have thin layers of skin. Therefore, they are very prone to the sores, cracking, or even eczema that can occur from leaving on wet clothing
  3. Wear sunscreen: Snow reflects 80% of UV rays, effectively doubling your exposure. For the skiers and snowboarders hitting the slopes, UV increases 4% every 1000 feet in elevation.
  4. Take care of your lips: Lips are extremely vulnerable. They have a thin outer layer of skin, have no sweat glands, and no hair as cover. Avoid licking your lips, as this will just further dry them out. You should also never bite or peel the dry skin on your lips will irritate them more. Applying lip balm frequently and before they feel chapped will help prevent them drying out

If you would like further tips on winter skin care, come on in today or give us a call at 610-489-2049 and talk to one of our experts.