Beards are back and bigger than ever, many celebrities are sporting them, and they are quickly becoming the norm among many groups.  Keeping them maintained is a little more complicated than one would expect.  To get started there are a few tools necessary to trim and tame can make or break the health of your facial hair.  Beard combs are used to straighten hairs and get them into place and ready for trimming.  Brushes help transport those essential oils that the body creates to the outer reaches of the beard keeping it healthy.  A small pair of facial hair scissors can be used to trim small spots or touch up edges.  Electric trimmers are used to trim the main body of the beard down and helps keep it under complete control.

Cleaning and combing your beard are essential in maintaining the health and length of your beard.  Trimming away split ends can sound counter-productive, but it is necessary to maintain that healthy appearance.  In order to maintain a magnificent neck and cheek line, use of a clipper to maintain those edges is recommended.  Once those lines are defined and the clippers are used to bring it down to the stubble, razors can be used to finish the job.  Vitamins can help stimulate growth, but they won’t encourage new growth, but it will thicken and strengthen the hairs that are already there.  To finish things up, creams and oils are great at hydrating and nourishing the hairs to maintain fizziness and condition the hairs so that your beard looks healthy and beautiful.  Once you have gotten the beard where you want it, it is easy to maintain and worth taking the extra steps to getting it right.

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