best shampoo

While most people aspire to have healthy and beautiful hair, many people don’t understand the steps needed to take in order to ger their hair to looking the way they want.  While it may be overlooked, home hair care is one of the most important things to getting that beautiful hair you desire.

The most basic and obvious step that you need to take is picking out a good shampoo.  While there are some truths to the thought that the more expensive a shampoo is the better it will be for your hair, that does not tell the full story.  The most important thing to understand when picking out a shampoo is what type of hair and scalp you have.  Determine that and then get a shampoo that matches or fits your style of hair and scalp the best.

Fine/Flat Hair

Try using a volumizing shampoo to make that hair as clean as possible, this will help to get that lighter and thicker hair that you are desiring.

Thick/Frizzy Hair

The most important thing is to use a moisturizing shampoo.  Also a vital note is to be generous with he amount of shampoo that you are using because oftentimes thicker hair doesn’t wash as easier as thinner hair does.

Curly/Dry Hair

If you are someone who has curly hair make sure you are reaching for a highly moisturizing shampoo to help control the curls.  The biggest key to a good shampoo for curly or dry hair is to reduce the frizz.  While the curls are beautiful, sometimes they may get a bit out of sorts, reel them back in by selecting a proper shampoo.

Smooth/Straight Hair

Usually packed with extra moisturizers to ensure that you avoid the frizz and your hair stays smooth.  A good shampoo for smooth and straight hair should also protect the scalp and head from heat, because smoother and straighter hair tends to be thinner, allowing heat to get into the scalp a bit easier.