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About Sal

Sal was born and raised in Malvern, Pennsylvania. From a very early age, Sal was introduced to the world of beauty and hair. He began his career at the age of twelve, shampooing people’s hair at the salon his mother worked at. He says his mother picked him out of his siblings to get into the family business, which eventually led him to attend and thrive at the Gordon Phillips Beauty School. After working in various salons, he eventually decided to open his own business and thus Avalanche was opened in 2006. Sal specializes in blondes, extensions, and relaxers, and has been working as a stylist for 27 years. His favorite part of his job is meeting and speaking to people everyday, while also building strong relationships with his clients.

Sal | Avalanche Salon and Spa

Fun Facts

What are your specialties?: Blondes, extensions, and relaxers.

What was your first job?: I was a paper boy at 11 and wasn’t very good at it, especially when it rained or snowed.

Are you a dog or cat person? Do you have any pets?: I have a black lab named Prada.

What’s something you like to do for fun that others wouldn’t expect?: I like to bowl.

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