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Have you ever wondered what haircut frames your face the best? A recent article by In-Style goes face to face by shape and suggests the best haircuts for each face type. For each face, the article explains what cut works the best, why it works, and even gives an expert tip. For example, those with a round face are more likely to be able to pull off a short haircut with spikey layers. Why does it work? The choppy pieces at the top lengthen your face, making it seem less round, and emphasize your eyes. However the expert opinion argues that this style is great for anyone with straight or wavy hair, but not for those with curly (think poodle).

For each face, the article gives details about a short cut, a medium length cut, and a long cut. It’s appealing for every individual because it give you options! Before making your next appointment at Avalanche Salon and Spa, take a few moments to measure your face and look through some options that will give your face a better frame. Look your very best this summer with the perfect cut! It’s only a few snips away. Contact Avalanche Salon and Spa at 610-489-2049 with any questions!