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Best Eyeshadow Looks for Different Colored Eyes

Eyeshadow application can be daunting, especially if you are unaware of what colors compliment your eyes. Eyeshadow colors are not a one size fits all, therefore we have put together a list of the best eyeshadow hues to wear, depending on the color of your eyes. There’s something for everyone, that fit the brightest blue eyes all the way to the darkest browns.

Blue Eyes

Because blue is a cool color, it looks great with rich, warm golds and coppers. Try a golden shimmer on the lid and blend a taupe color into the crease for a more neutral style. If you’re up for a challenge (and a lot of blending) try an orange hue to spice up your look. For those of us that love cool tones, add some shimmery aqua or dark blue colors on the lower lash line for a monochromatic touch. Be sure to blend, blend, blend so the color isn’t too harsh.

Green Eyes

Green eyes are a unique eye color that pairs well with a lot of shades. Some neutral shadows that you should try out are charcoal or slate grey and shimmery taupe. If you’re going for a more fun, vibrant look, try some wine, plum, and even lavender shades. Feel free to mix the vivid hues with darker grey colors for a more toned-down look. To bring out the green in your eyes even.

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